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Ray Coughran, prophet of God, and his wife Cheryl, evangelist and teacher, serve as directors of the International Miracles Ministry, Coughran Ministries.

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If you need a miracle in your life now...

...you can receive it because He loves you unconditionally. If you have already accepted Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior from within your heart, be ready to believe Him, right now, and tell your soul to praise the Lord because for Him nothing is impossible. You can overcome all situations and difficulties with Him, He is your strength and guide.

If you did not receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, we invite you to do so with all your heart, because He is quick in mercy and late in wrath. Our Holy Father sent His son Jesus for you and me, and He loves us so much that Jesus gave His life on the cross so we can be freed from sin and death. So open your life to Him, the one and only living God. Open your mouth and read the prayer of faith and the Holy Ghost will begin a wonderful work in you, nevertheless everything will become anew according to your growing personal communion with Him.

The biggest miracle in the world is that you receive the freedom, the forgiveness and the peace that only Jesus Christ can gives you by establishing His throne in the temple of your heart. For Coughran International Ministries it is a blessing to share through this site the miracle God has for you now.

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